for Stunt Scooters, Quad Roller Skates, Rollerblade Inline Skates, Ice Skates, Mini BMX, Skateboards, Longboards & More has been at the forefront of the scooter and skate market since it's launch in 2007. After the massive success of our Heelys website, Flywalk, this family-run business exploded on the scootering scene, bringing all the best scooters, for extreme and recreational use, to the public.

We don't just sell scooters – We also have a brilliant range of inline skates, aggressive skates, rollerskates, retro quad skates, Heelys, ice skates, skateboards, all-terrain skates and protection. We also sell parts, so don't forget us when you need new wheels or bearings!

A bit spoiled for choice and don't know where to turn for advice? Look no further! Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We'll be more than happy to help you choose the best scooter, skate or protection kit for you or your child. Don't be shy!


1 month retailer guarantee / 3 month manufacturer guarantees or more depending upon the product. Guarantees can't be covered for extreme skatepark use of any products.