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Aggressive skating for those that aren't aware, is a special style of skating where riders main goal is to perfect extreme tricks and stunt, either on the streets or at skateparks. Aggressive Skates are considered the tanks of inline skates as they're built for a beating and for riders landing from big heights, meaning they're made to support riders feet and ankles far more than the standard inline skate. Aggressive skates come with robust, durable boots, designed to withstand hard landings and protect your feet/ankles while riding.

The small wheels seen on aggressive skating are also harder than normal inline skate wheels, to enable close control to the ground, as well as wheel slides, grinds and other tricks, combined with supporting wheel frames to empower rider grinds further.

Aggressive skates can be used for both street skating and park riding. Park skating is slightly more popular, and takes place in skate parks designed generally for bigger air tricks, where specific obstacles are made to empower riders to land the biggest tricks as well as improve their skills. Meanwhile street riding is extremely popular among more mature skaters. Riders will use urban environments, not originally intended for tricks, but are using every day objects like handrails, curbs and stairs. Street skating is all about creativity in the skating.

Aggressive skates were huge in the 1990s when the development of riders being able to land huge freestyle tricks on the streets and skateparks became increasingly popular. Riders like Jon Julio, and AJ Jackson excited potential wannabe riders worldwide with their video releases and blew people's minds with the potential of what could be done on them. 

Aggressive skating as a sport quickly grew as a result, to be extent it became at 1 point the fastest growing sport worldwide, and seeded in California, USA. In the early days tricks were smaller, with basic level grinds and simpler technical riding used, but as the skates themselves developed, this opened up an array of new tricks to riders. The wheels themselves got smaller, giving riders great stability, combined with beefed up grind plates, it allowed riders to go further and faster. Finally the skate liners themselves became more suited for comfort and stability, leading to greater riding control. 

Nowadays, the aggressive skates produced are some of the best quality ever made from brands such as Roces, USD, Anarchy, Remz and Razors to name a few, this is from many years of rider development feedback.

In addition to the aggressive skates themselves, you can customise them for personal preference. We stock a number of grind plates, wheels, liners and even laces to modify your skates to how you wish.

Here at, we stock the biggest and latest range of Aggressive skates for the demands of the most specific riders, and the ability to customise your setup to your hearts content with all the custom parts we run alongside these. 

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