Collection: Blueprint Skateboards

Blueprint Skateboards are one of the most recognised skateboard brands in the industry. The company was set up back in 1995 by Dan Magee, Alvin Singfield and Faze-7 Distribution with the aim of growing the skateboard culture here in the UK. Many thought the company would struggle to replicate the success that the sport was having in the US, however 25 years later and Blueprint are one of the biggest and most successful brands in the market.

Blueprint Skateboards have created a range of skateboards and accessories that is favoured by pro skaters all over the world. Blueprint's skateboard decks are made from traditional 7-ply maple wood, before being shaped ready for cruising. They are known for being highly decorated with a range of unique colourful and creative designs to choose from. Blueprint Skateboards come with wheels that mirror the unique artwork on the decks.

Blueprint Skateboards have quickly become one of the most respected skateboard brands out since launching in the 90's. Setup out of a shop originally, it's products quickly got talked about and expanded throughout Europe, with their industry and sport leading setups, helping move skateboarding to a new level. Blueprint are a great choice if you want to reach the next level as a rider. We offer a range of great designs with free uk delivery on many of the boards here at

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