Collection: Bones Bearings

Bones Bearings are the undisputed number one worldwide when it comes to bearings. Started in the 1980s, Bones Bearings set out to develop the very best bearings they could possibly make. This search led them to a small manufacturer in Switzerland, from where the Bones Swiss series was born. Bones Swiss are the fastest and most sought after bearing in the history of skating. The fact that they are still the fastest bearings on the market shows just how high quality the product is. Quality does come at a price, however this is where the Bones Reds series comes in.

Bones Reds provide almost the same level of performance as the Bones Swiss and yet they come at a fraction of the cost. Developed in China, these bearings offer the best mixture of speed, durability and strength for a price that is affordable for all skaters. Bones Reds are made from top quality materials, feature high speed ball retainers and come pre-lubed with Speed Cream, which makes them even faster as well as long lasting. Speed Cream is a lubricant specially designed by Bones to complement their bearings. Due to its high temperature and low viscosity, Speed Cream reduces friction and protects against corrosion.

Bones bearings are world renowned for being the very highest quality, at we offer the full range depending upon your budget all on a next day delivery service. Designs for all types of skates, Bones bearings are respected by all skaters alike.

Bones bearings have the best reputation in the skate industry, and its by their bearings every other bearing out there is measured by. For 34 years their performance and quality have never let skaters down. Bones bearings feature a full range of bearings from standard Bones Reds, all the way up to Swiss Ceramic Bearings for absolute top performance. Bones are most well known for their durability, they claim their bearings last several times longer than a standard set of bearings. Bones feature a team that is the who’s who of top skaters around the world.

Bones bearings are made of high performance materials that improve performance as you ride. Bones Reds and Super Reds bearings have a polished surface finishing, allowing you to ride fast, but quietly and smoothly. All Bones Bearings skateboard bearings are made for skating in any weather condition, meaning unlike other bearings out their water seal shouldn't run out, and that should stop you from riding whatever the weather, combined with removable rubber shields for easy cleaning between riding.

If you wish to maintain your bearings in the best possible way, make use of the bearings cleaning unit, which is made out of high density polyethylene and flushes out eight bearings at a time.

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