Collection: Fracture Skateboards

Fracture Skateboards have been creating good quality skateboards since they started in 2002. As well as complete skateboards, Fracture also produce a range of skateboard parts, such as decks, wheels, trucks and bearings. Fracture products are ideal for beginners and entry level skateboarders, but can also be used by those at a higher level. Fracture Skateboards have earned a great reputation in the industry for selling great quality, well made products at fantastically competitive prices. Fracture have a number of skateboards so you're sure to find one to suit you.

Fracture Skateboards have grown in popularity over the last few years with comic colours and funky looks, these are excellent mid-level skateboards. Fracture's pricepoint trucks feature a number of bright eye catching colours that allow any skateboarder to customise their ride and look great on it at the same time. They make mid level skateboards, and are suited to people who are looking for quality any unnecessary extras.

As a UK based brand, Fracture was born out of a love of skating, their products and hardware are made for entry level riders up to intermediate. Produced in the same factory as Jart in Europe, they have cheaper graphics on them allowing costs to be kept low. One of the features of Fracture decks is their bigger nose, which allows nollies and switch tricks to be easier to excecute.

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