Collection: Heelys Shoes

Heelys are the original two-in-one wheely shoes, designed for children of all ages. Heelys have wheels in their heel, allowing a wearer to walk, run or roll, by shifting their weight to their heel. Heelys provide a huge amount of fun and can even be turned into normal shoes by removing the wheels.

If you need further information about which Heelys are best for you, see our Heelys buying guide.

Heelys or Heeleys as they're otherwise known, are intended for kids and children wanting shoes with a removable, stealth wheel thats great fun where ever you go. Heelys come in 2 forms. A 1 wheel or 2 wheel model. 1 wheel Heelys are made for kids who's sense of balance is good and can pick up how to do balance sports or activities like riding a bike quickly. 2 wheel Heelys Shoes are intended for younger children looking to get the hang of Heelys at a younger age, or those with a poorer sense of balance. The beauty of 2 wheel heelys are that the 2nd extra wheel can also be removed at a later date at the kid gets the hang of Heelys more.

Heelys were first patented in 1999 and the company was founded in 2000, in Carrollton, Texas. At we've been involved with Heelys from 2004, when the product was first released. In fact it was the company's very first product and we became the UK's 1st Heelys Specialists. All of the Heelys we sell are held in immediate stock for next working day delivery.

The most popular model of Heelys is the Heelys Fresh model, its a classic 2 wheel Heelys shoe perfect for any beginner or parent wanting to get their child their first pair of Heelys. Each pair of shoes comes with a removable tool to help you take out the wheels from the shoes, whilst they also come with wheel covers as well, should you wish to transform them into normal shoes too.

Heelys are constantly releasing new models of shoes every 6 months, and their latest ranges are always bright, colorful and fun. With sparkly and pink finishes for the girls, whilst boys have blue and camo style designs.

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