Collection: Loaded Longboards

Loaded longboards have been a dominant force in the longboarding community since 1995. Loaded's vision is to create the best possible rides and pass on the soulful beauty and stoke of riding to the masses. Some of the Loaded decks that have gained a great following include the Ceviche, Vanguard, Pintail, Dervish and many more. These decks are great for riders of all competencies, including rookies and experienced riders. Find the perfect Loaded Longboard here at, also with free next working day delivery!

<>Coming out of California like so many other boarding brands, their signature Vanguard board was loaded's first product. Loaded aim to produce high-performing and environmentally friendly boards. Loaded focus most of their products on longboard decks for carving, freeriding and dancing. They also have a sub brand in Orangatang for their wheels. Loaded was born out of a passion to bring the experience of snowboarding and surfing to land, starting out with Krypto classics and bones wheels, Loaded retrofitted their decks to trucks and wheels, until they found products that could begin to offer this experience. Lots of trial and error occurred and in 2000, their first board was launched.

Loaded develop their products with an entire in-house crew, with selected ambassadors to help test the boards. Their crew are a bunch of tight knit diverse people with a common passion to develop the best Longboards around. Loaded focus on trying to grow the sport of longboarding, and don't prioritise their brand to do that, their view is holistic to see the whole sport grow.

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