Collection: Neochrome Scooters And Parts

Want a beautiful looking scooter? Neochrome Oil Slick Rainbow Scooters and their parts are what you need. In the last few years this metal paint effect has been extremely popular, and as result we want to offer you the full range of Neochrome Oil Slick Rainbow products available to customise and build your stunt scooter.

We run a massive range of complete neochrome oil slick rainbow effect stunt scooters, bars, decks, wheels, forks, clamps, brakes, pegs and headsets. These parts are perfect for anyone wanting to make their scooter stick out in front of a crowd of similar looking standard scooters out. The Neochrome Scooter Wheels are some of our most people aftermarket scooter parts.

Other parts that are particularly popular are the neochrome scooter bars, and neochrome scooter decks which are great for making a complete setup really stand out.

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