Collection: Renner Skateboards

Renner Skateboards are probably the most popular range of complete skateboards available today, with specifications to suit every level. Renner first started making skateboards back in the early 1980's and at the time the manufacturers were not able to keep up with the demand. The introduction of the designer, Dickie, to the team back in 1997 moved the brand forward and sent it cruising into the millennium, when from 2000 onwards Renner became one of the leaders in skateboard sales.

Renner have created a range of different skateboards, with a different series to suit everyone. Renner A Series skateboards are very much their entry level, beginner skateboards, aimed at riders who are new to the sport and trying to learn for the first time. These skateboards feature a 9-ply maple deck with a fantastic board profile, great trucks, wheels and bearings.

The Renner B Series is a mid-range skateboard, aimed at both beginners and intermediates alike. Renner B Series skateboards come equipped with a 7-ply maple deck and ABEC 7 bearings, giving the skater an exceptional ride, especially for a board of this price.

Renner C Series skateboards have been designed for more experienced skaters, even those up to pro-level. This board features Renner's very popular 7-Ply Canadian maple deck and has an excellent profile, which will give the rider a superb ride either on the street or at the skatepark. The Renner C Series comes fully equipped with ABEC 9 bearings and carbon steel axles.

Lastly is the Renner Pro Series skateboards (sometimes referred to as the Z Series). The Pro Series features some of the finest components available on any skateboard and offers everything you could possibly want in a top level, pro board. From the increased concave profile on the 7-ply Canadian maple deck, to the Code Virus trucks and new Renner Pro Core wheels, this skateboard delivers high-quality performance from top to bottom.

Renner skateboards feature profiled decks, in various grades, heat transferred graphics and full 80S grip tape.

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