Collection: Scooters

Over the last few years, scooters have burst onto the market in a massive way. All starting in 1996 when Micro introduced foldable scooters. Since then they have been loved by kids, commuters and extreme sports enthusiasts across the globe.
Scooters have developed over the years, from lightweight toys to reinforced stunt scooters.
You now find scooters everywhere, you can see kids scooting past you on the streets, and they are fast overtaking BMXs and skateboards in popularity within the extreme sports crowd.

The beauty of scooters is that they’re simply so easy to pick up and get started with, from the kids beginning 3 wheel.

At we run a wide range of different types of scooters. From beginner child 3 wheel scooters, to foldable recreational scooters, through to Stunt Scooters and Commuter Scooters.

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