Commuter Scooters for Adults

We specialise in running the best quality and value for money work commuter scooters out. We pride ourselves on selling a wide range of commuter scooters with varing wheel size, weight, design and build for every type of need, even off road!

Our range includes the standard commuter scooters you'll see from brands like JD Bug and Frenzy, which feature larger wheels than the standard scooter seen about, This enables the rider to get a both smoother and easier flowing rider with less effort when travelling about. All our commuter scooters have been designed to be foldable, so that they can be easier carried about, if for example you're jumping onto the London Underground.

You'll generally find the higher the specification of the commuter scooter, the bigger the wheel is, or it features extras for storage of the scooter, or in some case off road, pump up pneumatic tyres for an extra smooth ride.

Commuter scooters are also perfect for parents wanted to scooter around with their kids, enabling them to have fun whilst going to and fro from school, or to the park. logo
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