Anarchy Skates - Protection, Pads, Gloves & Wheels

Anarchy are one of the best known skate brands around. They are widely recognised as offering the best mid-level skates on the market, perfect both for beginners and intermediates. Their products are rigorously tested to ensure they continue to meet the ever-changing needs of today's riders, offering both strength and flex to appeal to all riders.

Anarchy offer excellent value for money considering the quality of the product. Their aggressive skates have the Universal Frame System (UFS) allowing interchange of the frames and upgrading at a later date. There's no other brand of aggressive skates in our opinion that offers better value for money. The Anarchy Derby skates offer a decent budget first skate to get into the sport. Their pads are first class quality and are built to take a real beating.

Anarchy are also specialists in high impact protection. Their pads are developed and designed to take impact of big riders making big landings. Their pads represent some of the best value for money protection available. One of the great things is they also focus on kevlar protection that reduces impact for those riders that want more flexible padsets and enable their skating to be non-restrictive.

The Anarchy Revolution skates feature a hard, high-impact boot with a wider sole than most other models. They are also fitted with a high quality liner for that added comfort, plus shock absorbers for reduced impact and maximum protection when landing. 

The Anarchy Panik Skates are known for being the best value kids beginner aggressive skates available. They're adjustable unlike almost every other aggressive skate out there on the market, meaning as the childs foot grows, the skate's size can be adjusted to reflect this. Anarchy's other aggressive skates feature UFM (similar to UFS) frames, enabling skaters to make and modify their skates once received. Most notably the Anarchy Revolution Skates and the Anarchy Chaos Skates are the signature adult aggressive skates.

Anarchy Aggressive Skate Wheels are designed for ramps as well as all round skating and are built to provide a smooth ride.

As for Skates parts, Anarchy also run their own standard range of replacement aggressive skates wheels and rocker wheels, enabling grinding of rails and curbs.

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