Collection: Blazer Pro Scooters

Blazer Pro Scooters offer a large range of scooter parts to cater for all areas of modification on a stunt scooter. These areas include decks, bars, wheels, forks, bars, SCS clamps, headsets, pegs and more. They also run a small range of complete scooters. Blazer Pro are known for producing value for money, mid level quality scooter parts, they're active across Europe and have sponsored the World Champs twice in the last few years.

Launched in 2012, Blazer Scooters aimed to release products that allow riders to customise their stunt scooters without some of the higher prices seen from some brands out there. In recent years Blazer have focused their range more on the completes market including their headline scooters - FMK1, Distortion and Sprectre Scooters. Particular parts that are grabbing attention with riders are their Rebellion Scooter Wheels, T Bars and Forks. The Blazer Scooter Decks including the forged FMK1, have also been getting surprising attention for their reliability and value. Technically they're much better than many people give the brand credit for.

Here at we stock the full Blazer Scooter range, including all accessories. The Blazer Wheels prove ever popular with riders wanting a value for money replacement scooter wheel for their ride. The SCS Clamp has been one of the most popular clamps ever made in the scooter scene.

Blazer Pro Scooters have a wide range of stunt scooters to suit everyone. The Blazer Pro Raider scooter is new for 2020 and has been years in the making. Inspire by the BlazerPro Team and designed by Blazer's in-house engineers, this scooter is ready to take on the streets. 

The Blazer Pro Outrun Scooter is the ideal entry level scooter, designed to give beginners beginners a true taste of riding a stunt scooter. The Blazer Pro Phaser Scooter is Blazer's most affordable scooter and is perfect for younger riders and beginners.

The Blazer Pro Shift Mini Scooter is Blazer's junior scooter, built with smaller, younger riders in mind. With a smaller deck and bars than regular stunt scooters, this is perfect for younger riders looking for their first taste of scootering.  

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