Collection: Crisp Scooters

Crisp Scooters are an Australian scooter brand, which started in 2011. They're known for producing good quality, high-end complete stunt scooters. Crisp have been right at the forefront of development in the scooter industry for the past nine years and continually refine their product range year on year. Crisp manufacture scooters to suit all abilities, from beginner to pro, so you can be sure to find the very best scooter to fit your needs.

Originally conceived with the aim to product premium quality, clean looking high end Scooters, the Crisp Scooters manufacturing and design team researched the best materials and craftsmanship to make their very first model, the Ultima. Following testing, and lots of trial and error, the first premium scooter was released in 2011, with a clean silver chrome look. Response from riders was amazing, as finally a brand was coming out with a futuristic look that performed and met the needs of serious freestyle riders. Crisp Scooters are fast becoming a worldwide brand and have helped sponsor a number of the worlds biggest competitions including Scootfest.

There are five main models in the Crisp Scooters range. Starting at beginner level, you have the Crisp Blaster Scooter and Crisp Switch Scooter. The Crisp Switch scooter is aimed at younger kids and complete beginners looking for their first taste of scootering and comes at a very reasonable price. The Crisp Blaster scooter is a great entry level stunt scooter and is ideal for riders looking to progress their basic scooter skills to the next level. 

For intermediates, or perhaps beginners with a higher budget, there's the Crisp Surge scooter. This scooter is perfect for anyone looking to develop their skills and tricks beyond a basic beginner level. The Surge is also great value for money as you are getting a high end scooter for a mid level price. At the intermediate level is the Crisp Inception scooter, designed for the developing rider who wants to upgrade to something a little closer to the top end. The Inception is the perfect scooter for riders looking to start adding a little bit more flair to their tricks.

Finally, at the top end, is the Crisp Ultima scooter. This scooter, which is aimed at pros and more serious riders, features extra strong and lightweight bars. With 125mm wheels, the Ultima scooter allows you to go much faster than typical stunt scooters. This scooter is incredibly lightweight but also very tough and robust, so it will hold up to almost anything you can throw at it at the skatepark.

Crisp work with some of the top riders in both the UK and Australia, with their top name Lewis Williams the European Champion in 2015 testing their products to the limit.

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