Collection: Figz

Figz Collection is a rider owned company from the Gold Coast in Australia. Figz Collection make a range of collectable items for you to customise your scooters and take your favourite riders with you wherever you go. Figz are one of the most popular griptape brands on the scene. All Figz griptapes are manufactured with a super strongbond glue, which guarantees it'll stick nice and tight to your scooter deck. Figz griptapes are also very big, measuring 5.5 inches wide and 23 inches long, which ensures it'll fit on pretty much any scooter deck.

Figz have come out with some of the most uniquely customised, high quality & collectable stickers and scooter griptape featuring the worlds top riders.

Collect them all, or simply customise your ride, helmet or scooter with your favourite riders cartoon on it. Featuring all the household names, world champions, and most respect street and park riders worldwide, including: Ryan Williams, Dakota Schultz, Dante Hutchinson, Jordan Clark, Tanner Fox & Dylan Morrison, amongst many others!

Get yourself totally unique looking top pro rider stickers, griptape and other accessories.

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