Collection: Fr Skates

FR Skates is a French skating brand that was started in Paris in 2006 by skaters Sebastien Laffargue and Gregoire Pinto, with the philosophy "made by skaters, for skaters". The duo had a vision of just what skates could be - high-quality boots with a high performance hard shell, which provide comfort, durability and versatility. These elements, when put in combination with incredible attention to detail and just a little touch of French flair, resulted in the very first FR skate.

FR Skates have grown to become a huge success across the globe and continue to create new standards within the skating industry. FR Skates also sponsor several competitions and events globally, as well as supporting a number of skaters.

FR Junior Skates have been designed with young skaters in mind, with the aim of encouraging fun and freedom as they gain experience skating. The FR Junior is a comfortable and easy to use inline skate that provides fantastic ankle support. It uses a smaller version of the company's standard FR skate shell. There is a simple 3 in 1 footbed that works in tandem with the FR liner to provide the perfect fit, even as your children's feet continue to grow. The FR Junior skate is ideal for kids to learn in and is every bit as good as the full adult model.

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