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Frenzy Scooters is a British brand that offers a premium range of commuter scooters at a price that is affordable to all. Frenzy Scooters are suitable for everyone and come in a range of sizes. Frenzy Scooters are perfect for the whole family, whether that is travelling to school or offering a fun alternative to your regular work commute.

Frenzy Scooters are designed for recreational and travelling use. To school, work, or just for having fun, Frenzy focus on doing simple scooters.....well. All their models are build with a unique folding mechanism to enable small storage and easy carry straps to take with you when not in use. Designed by the guys at Slamm Scooters and using their last five years of expertise, the scooters have been made from high quality materials and are all designed to fold up and be taken easier with you by hand. The Frenzy Scooter range also come with a carry strap, along with an adjustable bar height for ease of use. A number of their models also come with kick stands so that you can park it anywhere.

Frenzy Scooters come in a range of different sizes and models, so you are sure to be able to find one to suit you. The Frenzy 205mm Kaimana scooter is the perfect choice for recreational riders looking to make their commute to work that bit easier. This scooter folds down very easily and comes with handy carry strap for ease of transportation. The Frenzy 205mm Dual Brake scooter comes equipped with Frenzy's signature folding system for compact storage. This scooter comes with Frenzy's own dual hand and foot braking system, front cushion suspension and a new hard-wearing, premium, anodised finish for added style.

The Frenzy 215mm Recreational Scooter is an excellent choice for commuters looking for a faster way to get around town. This scooter comes with premium urethane 215mm wheels to give a smoother and faster ride, plus Frenzy's own quick-release folding system for ease of transportation and storage. The Frenzy 250mm Recreational Scooter is designed to help riders go further for longer, thanks to its increased power to push ratio big wheel setup. This scooter combines 250mm front wheels with 215mm rear wheels to make your ride much more comfortable over longer distances. The Frenzy 250mm scooter also comes with Frenzy's new, easy to use hand-release folding mechanism, which utilises a trolley system instead of having to carry your scooter when not being ridden.

The Frenzy range are designed for travelling to and fro from school, commuting in and out of work or just generally having fun. Their range of scooters are also made for different terrains depending upon the needs of the riders, with different tyres for different models. All scooters are built to be able to take weights of up to 100kg.

Frenzy's scooters also include the 125mm, which features polyurethane wheels and are perfectly design for commuting, and the 145mm model, which is intended for adults and larger riders, or those who want an easy stable ride.

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