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Grit Scooters, much like many of the worlds top brands has come out of the Australian scene and they are making a big statement with serious extreme riders in skate parks across the UK. Grit are known for building excellent quality, clean looking and technically advanced stunt scooters. Whatever your budget, discipline or style, Grit has the scooter to fit your need. Grit take advantage of modern technology, with computer aided design to make some of the most advanced scooters (like the Grit Extremist and Grit Elite models) and scooter parts on the market today.

Grit run 7 key scooter models, from beginner to pro riders. At the beginner end is the Grit Atom Scooter, this is a great starter scooter and comes in 6 colors. Featuring a spring break, small bars for young riders and weights 3.3kg for junior stunt riders. Second, the Grit Extremist Scooter features alloy core 100mm wheels, a flex brake and is slightly larger than the atom. Next up is the Grit Fluxx Scooter, released back in 2015, it features a threadless headset, alloy core wheels, and gusseted bars, the bars are also taller at 540mm. Intermediate level, Grit runs the Elite Scooter model, with Alloy Bars, 550mm high bars, and 2 tone grips, at around £130 it weight only 4.1kg.

Moving on to the more serious rider, the Grit Tremor Scooter features new 110mm alloy metal core wheels, cut out headtube on the deck (used for higher end scooters), cutting additional weight down. Moving to the high end there's the Grit Invader Scooter and Grit Mayhem Scooters, featuring larger wheels, concave cutout deck that's fully integrated and SCS Clamp compression.

Grit have some of the worlds top riders representing them including Jordan Clark, who's been world number 1 for 2015 and 2016. Their scooters are designed from the very beginner all the way up to the top professional models. Grit run a range of both complete scooters and after market parts. In particular their Ballistic Bars are getting increasingly popular as a custom part.

Grit develop their scooters using CAD techniques and work with the constant feedback of riders to develop of the worlds most advanced scooters. Grit focus their attention on using the highest grade materials, combined with the design engineers, they've produced the forefront extreme scooters in the last few years.

With a good choice of models within their range you can grab a scooter for as little as £60 all the way up to £250. Grit produce a whole range of parts including bars, decks, forks, clamps, grips, wheels and scs. Their parts are designed to mix and match with other brands, making them perfect for scooter customisation.

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