Collection: Invert Scooters

Invert is an Australian action sports brand who specialise in stunt scooters. Invert also make a range of BMX, skateboards as well as protection and accessories for these sports. The Invert Scooter range has been carefully crafted and built so that it provides the very best specifications and designs at prices that are hard to beat. Every single product that comes off the Invert production line has been fully tested, both in the lab by Invert's team of experts, and in the field by Invert's world class pro rider team. You can be sure that Invert Scooters will hold up to anything you can throw at them.

Invert Scooters are new to the scene, and in partnership with the Triad & Oath Scooters brand, the value for money brand was created last year. Designed and developed in Australia, the products have been made to stand out with strong visual effects on their decks and other parts. Invert Scooters' main goal is to make true value for money complete stunt scooters at a price that parents and teenagers can really afford but also be able to develop their skills as a rider close to the top level by featuring technical parts often seen on scooters significantly more expensive. The brand itself however spends minimum on marketing or riders, all with the intent of keeping the scooters price to minimum to help the brand be the very best value it can be.

The Invert TS1.5 is a great value beginner stunt scooter that is designed specifically for the smaller, younger rider. The TS1.5 has a very small, compact deck and shorter than usual bars, which make it ideal for children aged 5-8 years old. This scooter is very robust, thanks to its tough construction, which makes the Invert TS1.5 the perfect choice for young riders attempting tricks for the first time.

Next up is the Invert TS2 Scooter, which features many of the technical specifications you'll often see in high end scooters but without the same price tag. The TS2 is a lightweight scooter designed to suit riders looking to improve their skills and confidence. Aimed at children from ages 8 and up, the Invert TS2 is the ideal step up for riders trying to learn new tricks at the skatepark.

Finally there is the Invert TS3, the flagship scooter of the Invert range. The TS3 is a technical scooter for the more experienced rider. Engineered to perfection, the TS3 combines high quality handlebars with a 120mm wide boxed deck. 120mm wheels complete with ABEC 9 chrome bearings ensure a very fast ride. The Invert TS3 scooter is the perfect step up for intermediate riders and is packed with everything a scooter fan could possibly want.

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