Collection: Longway Scooters

Longway Scooters are a major name in the stunt scooter industry, manufacturing their scooter and parts at their own factory in China. This makes Longway unique in the business, as they have complete control over every step of the production process and the final quality of every single product.

Longway Scooters are a highly addictive brand that has benefited from a number of years within the high-end stunt scooter industry around the birth place of the sport, Australia. Longway sports features a wide range of complete scooters from entry level all the way up to high-end pro scooters. Alongside the ever popular completes range, Longway have released many of their signature scooter parts individually for all to enjoy!

The Longway Adam stunt scooter is aimed for youngsters and beginners to the sport. This scooter is a great entry level scooter, ideal for learning tricks and will handle anything that young riders throw at it. The Longway Adam scooter is perfect for young riders looking for their first taste of the sport.

The Longway Summit is a great scooter for novice and beginner riders looking to take the next step up towards intermediate level. A strong T-bar made from chrome steel ensures a durable stunt scooter that is ready for big jumps at the skatepark. 

The Metro stunt scooter is the first model from Longway's pro range and is aimed at younger beginners and intermediates looking for a strong, stable and lightweight complete scooter. The handlebars are made from aluminium for added lightness, but have had gussets added to the side to increase the strength. As the name might suggest, this scooter comes with the Longway Metro Deck, one of the best balanced and lightest decks on the market.

Longway Scooters have a long background in the sport, having helped manufacture a number of the original District Scooters amongst other big brands. After many years of developing other brands scooters, a decision was made to develop their own with the help of a number of pro riders in the sport in order to offer products at better prices for the quality received by customers.

Longway have developed a range of pro scooters for all levels combined with some of the most popular titanium kronos scooter bars. All of the Longway scooter products are tested and certified before beings sold into the market, and are heavily tested by riders over a number of months, listening to their feedback to improve the quality further.

Longway Scooters also manufacture a range of snow scooters, ideal for children to learn and have fun in snowy conditions. The Longway Snowscoot is ideal for either professional use on a ski run or just having a bit of fun in the snow.

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