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Luscious Skates is a roller skates brand aimed primarily at younger skaters and the young at heart. Luscious Skates make some of the most fun, funky and interesting quad roller skates on the market. Their bright retro colours suit any skater wanting a fun pair of roller skates to get around on and learn with whilst looking awesome! The Luscious Skates range features a number of brightly coloured models with plenty of cool designs for outdoor skating.

Developed in the UK, Luscious Skates feature funky, retro designs but also provide great levels of support and comfort. Luscious Skates are created with soft inner padding and a breathable mesh, which means that your feet can still breathe and also stay comfortable whilst skating. Luscious Skates also come with Polyurethane wheels, which give maximum responsiveness whilst skating. The Luscious Skates range includes lots of extra parts and accessories including laces, wheels, toe stops and skate bags.

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