Collection: Oath Scooter Components

Oath Components and scooter parts are the parts range from Triad Scooters, they're a purely scooter parts based brand, bringing unique aftermarket customisation parts to pro riders scooters. Having been developed over 2 years, working from the very beginning, they've looked to develop both technically unique and visually attractive scooter parts.

Oath's range of parts are build for the development of the sport, progressing the manufacturing quality and level beyond what's already out there today. Working in tandem with 20 years of manufacturing experience and combining development with some of the sports biggest riders in Australia in Billy Watts and Brendon Smith. They have hardcore tested product after product until perfected for the sports very top riders.

In terms of the specific popular parts, their Bermuda scooter grips are multicolored and are longer than many other scooter grips out there, suiting the desires of riders for bigger grip sizes on their bars. Their Bermuda scooter wheels have been uniquely tooled via a different production method to other hollow core wheels out there in order to delivery a uniquely high level of strength, with their wheels and bearings designed to last longer, turn better and perform to a top level standard. In addition they've pushed the urethane out to 26mm, enabling extra grip for riders when rolling and landing tricks.

The Oath Cage Double Clamp and SCS Clamp have been designed to great level of detail for both great visuals, minimal weight and maximum strength for riders in their scooter custom setups. Finally there's the Oath Shadow scooter forks, these have been made with an extra cross hatch in the fork itself, to enable extra strength when riding and to minimise torsion when turning, maximising rider control and responsiveness when riding.

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