Collection: Odi Scooter Grips

ODI Scooter Grips are widely considered to be the world leaders when it comes to grip technology. For over 25 years they've focused on producing the very best grips possible. ODI’s compounds have been extensively tested by top skaters around the world to make sure that they provide the highest level of comfort and longevity possible. ODI have also created their unique Lock-On Grip system, which has gone on to set the industry standard for the way that grips are secured and installed to the handlebars. The grips themselves are manufactured exclusively in the USA in ODI's own facility, which means that they can maintain the highest levels of quality in every single product that they create.

ODI have recently redesigned their very popular Longneck Lock-On grips, bringing a fresh revamp to their already iconic grips. The new version of these grips uses ODI's single clamp locking system to give ease of installation and a slip-free performance. The outsides of the grips have been remodelled to be softer for your hands but also reinforced to prevent grip blowouts.

ODI Grips have been scooter riders first choice since scooter riding began. ODI Grips feature unique soft material, meaning great grip, less hand tiredness and reduced sweat. ODI Grips, unlike other grips out there, have a unique rubber mix that lasts longer and allows the scooter rider to ride harder than other grips do.

ODI Scooter Grips are the number one brand for scooter riders everywhere. These grips are long lasting, fit pretty much any stunt scooter, are fantastic value for money and look great. If you want grips that'll be respected by other riders look no further than ODI. They offer the biggest range of any scooter grip provider with long tails, flanged and flangless grips and even glow in the dark models. ODI's products are made in the USA, within their own facility meaning no sourcing to China, ensuring control over the quality and responsiveness to demand.

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