Collection: Proto Scooters - Wheels, Bars & Clamps

Proto Scooters are one of the oldest scooter brands in the industry and continue to design and manufacture some of the best scooter parts on the market. Andrew Broussard, the company founder, grew up with a passion for action sports. When push scooters began to get popular in the early 2000's he tried to emulate the freestyle tricks he loved in other sports with these scooters, however the big problem was scooters were not designed to withstand the abuse of the potential sport, and parts would regularly break. Andrew began the lengthy, step by step task of testing every part on a standard foldable scooter of that time and by the process of trial and error, worked out designs that would stand up to greater beating. Finally the world's first freestyle scooter company was here. Proto have invented some of the best parts now used in scooter technology including the SCS Clamp, with which they still own the patent for in the USA.

Proto, unlike other brands, stayed true to who they were, not seeking mass volume sales of products, but instead focusing on true product knowledge from the riders to deliver high end product requirements of the professional riders. Focusing on developing products that feature component compatibility to enable personal customisation of products. Their mission is to bring standards of manufacturing and scooter design to the industry with the needs of our fellow scooter riders as the top priority. You'll find Proto are very much focused on mature, street riders that have a passion for the sport being their very lifestyle.

Proto Scooters are most well known for their high quality Scooter Wheels, so much in fact that they make wheels for a number of other brands including River and Root Industries. Their Gripper Scooter Wheel is designed as the name sounds for extra grip when riding, using a softer and grippier urethane material than the slider wheel which allows riders to go faster but have less control. Outside this the Sentinel SCS Clamp is considered the strongest clamp out, and is suited to the heaviest of street or park riders. Proto have also released other stunt scooter parts such as Forks and Bars which all have high quality and are at the forefront of new technology.

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