Collection: Rampage Skateboards and Ramps

Rampage produce some of the best value home skate ramps anywhere. Their products are built in volume in china, meaning they can pass those savings onto you. The other aspect of their ramps is that they've built their products to be interchangeable, meaning you're able to build your own little park.

You want to be able to have fun in your back yard? Rampage ramps allow you to have serious airtime. Their ramps are great value for money, and enable skaters to practice their tricks when they're not able to get down the skatepark. Want to nail that trick? Practice day to day, having your own ramps will make a huge difference.

The ramps themselves are made from high impact Polyethylene and are resistant to temperature changes, can take up to 90kgs in weight and is designed for use with Skateboards, Skates, Scooters, Bmx Bikes, Bikes And Even Remote Control Cars (RC's).

Rampage also design and manufacture their own complete skateboards, aimed primarily at beginner and intermediate skateboarders. Rampage skateboards are constructed from 7-ply Chinese maple and feature heavy-duty Sea Eagle trucks and bearings made from carbon steel. The skateboards come in a range of brightly coloured designs that are sure to stand out at the skatepark. Rampage skateboards are perfect for riders starting to get the hang of things and developing their skateboarding skills.

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