Collection: RD Roller Derby Skates

Roller Derby Skate Company have been making roller skates for over 80 years and they are still one of the world's leading manufacturers of skates. Roller Derby products include both quad roller skates and inline skates.

RD Roller Skates are designed for any skater wanting to get into Roller Skating or Derby Skating. RD or Roller Derby as the name suggests is a brand that launched before the Roller Derby Sport itself came along. The US based brand is respected for its quality of skate.

Roller Derby Firestar skates are what everyone remembers as the classic rollerskate from their childhood, except Roller Derby have taken it and brought it into the present day with fresh colours and modern improvements. Available in a range of sizes, these skates have an added ankle strap for increased support and deluxe padding to keep younger riders as comfortable as possible.

Roller Derby Stingray R7 is an adjustable inline skate that is aimed at beginners and intermediates alike. The skates are fitted with comfort foam and reinforced ankle support, power straps and a locking cam lever buckle. The pro style aluminium frame also gives greater stability over traditional plastic frames and the high grip Polyurethane wheels allow for maximum responsiveness when skating.

The Roller Derby Aerio Q-60 inline skate is an advanced level, semi soft boot. The simple foam padded, construction of the boot allows you to ride with complete comfort whilst learning to in-line skate for the first time. This skate has a low centre of gravity, gives awesome stability and added control to keep you confident.

The Roller Derby Aerio Q-80 is a stylish, sleek and dynamic inline skate. Its memory foam padding provides maximum comfort and gives a personalised fit to your skates. This skate offers a strong and secure stride thanks to the cam lever buckle and power strap, which hold your foot firmly in place whilst you practice and perfect your skills. The Roller Derby Aerio Q-80 provides excellent control, maximum responsiveness and a smooth quick ride, thanks to the pre-fitted 80mm Pro Series Polyurethane wheels.

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