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Roces Skates began life in 1952 in Montebelluna, Italy. Originally focused on leather trekking and ski footwear, Roces have repositioned themselves in the market over the years and now produce a range of inline skates. Roces Skates are an industry leader when it comes to skating and, in particular, inline skates. As one of the pioneers of the sport, their products have become synonymous with high quality craftmanship, comfort and performance.

Roces Jokey inline skates are the perfect skate for any beginner or intermediate skater. These skates are easily adjustable and have been designed so that they grow alongside your child's feet. Equipped with foam-padded inner liners for maximum comfort, Roces Jokey skates are the ideal starting point for learning basic turning and braking. Roces Jokey skates come with high grip, quality Polyurethane wheels for maximum responsiveness when skating.

Roces Moody inline skates have been designed for total beginners looking for their first skating experience and wanting to sample the thrills of the sport. These skates are both super comfortable and very rigid, so they will adequately support your child's efforts to increase speed. Roces Moody inline skates feature Roces' own unique frame, known as "The Invisible Frame" (or TIF). With this, the frame has been painted to be the same colour as the wheels so you don't notice it. As with the Jokey skates, these too have been designed to be fully adjustable and they will grow alongside your child's feet.

Roces Skates have been around for almost as long as the sport has been around and their skates are known worldwide for their quality and reliability. Roces ensure safety, dependability, comfort and performance in all of their products by only using the best materials and components possible. Built to last, a Roces skate will serve you well.

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