Collection: Scooter Forks

Buy from our huge range of Stunt Scooter Forks, our forks are available in a number of different compression systems - IHC Forks, SCS Forks and HIC Forks.

With threaded forks and threadless forks from MGP, Grit, Slamm, Blazer, French ID, JD Bug, Swish and Vertx, our range is as individual as you are. Want a Madd Gear Pro fork, but riding a Razor Pro? Don’t worry – It doesn't matter if your kids’ stunt scooter isn't the same brand as the accessory you wish to purchase.

You do not need to pick forks which are the same as your existing scooter, simply ensure the forks are compatible with your current headset, compression and bars. If you need further details, check out our scooter fork buying guide.

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