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If you're looking to upgrade or refresh your inline skate and rollerblade wheels we aim to offer a range of options, from the absolute beginner wanting grippy wheels for outdoors to the pro inline dance skater that needs the best performing responsive indoor inline wheels. Our range of stock includes brands like SFR and Rollerblade amongst others. A number of the wheels are suited for recreational use and the bright colors will enable skaters to personalise the look and feel of their inline skates.

So how do you choose the right wheels?

1. Look at the Wheel Size - Firstly look at your present skates, and check the size you need.

2. Look into the Wheel Hardness - The higher the "a" number the harder the wheel. So a softer wheel might be 78a, whilst a harder wheel would be 82a. Harder wheels are longer lasting and are suited for rougher outdoor surfaces. Softer wheels are perfect for greater grip and generally for more indoor skating.

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