Collection: Tilt Scooters - Bars, Decks, Forks and Parts

Tilt Scooters are one of the biggest legit scooter brands out of America, founded in 2009 in Michigan. Their parts are known for their quality of build, and are predominantly designed for core street riders as their parts are not easy to break! Tilt originally started out as a scooter pegs brand, but in recent years have significantly increased their scooter parts range.

Tilt are especially well known for the quality of their scooter decks. The Tilt Theory scooter deck series has proved to be hugely popular all over the world. Now in it's third generation, the Theory V3 model has been built to help you slide and grind effortlessly. This impressive deck features a deep concave shape at the top with a fully smooth bottom, plus a crook shape in the bottom of the neck to help you really master those nail-tricks on rails. Dialling in your scooter is easier to achieve than ever, thanks to the fact that everything is welded thoroughly into place. If you're looking for a top of the range scooter deck, look no further than the Tilt Theory V3.

Tilt have released some of the highest quality after market customer scooter parts. The Tilt ARC SCS Clamps and ARC Double Clamps have both been made with a beautiful finish, and clean design, and are super strong for even the heaviest riders out there.

The Tilt Nimbus Forks have again, like the other Tilt parts, been made for strength. Their forks are big, but also really strong. The Tilt Theory Deck, though expensive, riders are confidently saying it's well worth it's money, and their stage 2 wheel range features clean looks that's super strong and lightweight too. As for the bars, the Sentry Bars are perfect for larger park riders, whilst the Scout T Bar suits core street riders to the's also really large!

More recently Tilt have launched the sculped forks and SCS clamps, these continue their range of clean looking scooters parts. They've also done a number of collab deals with other brands like Volare and Friendly to help support the scene, meaning it's worth keeping an eye out for their exclusive collections. The Tilt brand is supported by a large crew of team scooter riders behind it, allow extensive testing and huge respect amongst the top core riders in the world.

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