Collection: Tony Hawk Skateboards

Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder in the world and now you can follow in his footsteps with the Tony Hawk Skateboard range. Moderately priced to be affordable for beginners, the Tony Hawk skateboards are stylish with their unique designs and are proving to be very popular with his legions of fans worldwide.

Developed in partnership with the Worlds most renowned and respected skateboarder comes his personal level of entry and mid-level skateboards. The Tony Hawks Skateboards range have been designed with quality skateboard maple wood, to deliver the best possible pop when riding and jumping. The designs for the Skateboards themselves have been developed out of his prior Birdhouse designs, including many of the skull, hawk and bird designs. These designs have come out of the Tony Hawk's nickname as 'birdman' for his incredible ability to get bigger airs and tricks than anyone historically in the sport.

The Tony Hawks Skateboard range start from 360 to 720 up to the 900 series. Each level of the skateboard range has been developed to the suitable level of the rider. The 360 series is intended for the younger first time skateboarder, whilst the 720 series is for the younger developing for the rider, and the 900 series is intended for the established rider wanting to make the most of their skills.

All of the skateboard range has been priced to be below £100 to make getting into the sport more seriously as affordable as possible, and encouraging younger riders to pick it up, do more tricks and step up their skill levels.

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