Collection: Triple 8 Pads & Protection

Triple 8 Pads and Protection have been making some of the best extreme sports protective gear for over 20 years. Triple 8 Protective Gear is suitable for all ages and all abilities, from beginners to professionals. Triple 8 pride themselves on creating the highest quality protective gear and are constantly evolving their product line and incorporating new technology in their manufacturing process.

Triple 8 was born on the streets of New York City, knowing better than anyone how dangerous they can be on wheels. So back in 1996, Triple Eight launched their first helmet, designed to be tough, stylish and suitable for all action sports. The team at Triple Eight have developed their products with the latest materials and technology building a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. The unique thing about the company is their own staff test and use their products, so they can be fully confident in anything they sell to you as their customer.

The Triple 8 Sweatsaver helmet is the first helmet of its kind to fully integrate the best in high impact absorbing EPS Foam with thick dual density soft foam and plush Sweatsaver fabric, which ultimately delivers perfect comfort with dual certified protection.

In terms of kneepads, Triple 8 make either the Exoskin or the KP Pro. The Triple 8 Exoskin is a lightweight, contoured and abrasion-resistant kneepad that has been designed specifically to flex and provide good protection for BMX and mountain bikers. Alternatively is the Triple 8 KP Pro, which features 6-point strengthened plastic, offering huge levels of protection from the nastiest of direct blows. This kneepad also comes with high density, oversized EVA foam padding to ensure a truly comfortable fit, even for extended periods of wear.

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