Collection: Undialed Scooter Griptape

Undialed are an American company, based in California, who make a range of products from fingerboards to scooter parts, including their popular scooter griptape. Undialed first became known on Instagram, and then on Youtube, as THE place to go for finding out about latest up and coming top worldwide riders, the biggest tricks and the most insane footage of people pushing the sport to it's absolute limit.

Undialed has been run by a number of years with the support of two of the biggest and most respected names in the sport - White Trash Willy and Clayton Lindley, both considered absolute legendary OGs in the scene. They first met at a scooter event in San Diego and their friendship blossomed from there into the company we all love today. With Will's background in photography and Clayton being a pro scooter rider, these guys create amazing, original content for their social media pages. Guys we salute you, and we're so pleased to see you've launched your scooter griptape range.

Want to support the very core of the sport? Get yourself Undialed gear!

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