Collection: Zycom Scooters

Zycom Scooters are produced by Zycomotion, and produce some of the most unique looking and easy to ride kids scooters in the world. Their designs are technically brilliant and enable ease of use when turning. Created using their own unique patented technology, the result is a safe and stable, smooth feel whilst riding. These products are a real lifestyle designed item that kids and adults will love.

They are brilliant beginner scooters, and provide the perfect platform for learning the basics of scootering and have all budgets catered for. What's do great is the kids simply had to lean into the turn, making it super easy for them to direct themselves when riding whilst staying stable on their scooter.

Their range starts with the Zycom Zing Scooter which is aimed at 3 years upwards, and on to the Zycom C100 which is suitable for up to 4 years, and all the way up to the range topping Zycom Zinger 3 which is suitable for up to 5 years old. Outside this there's the Zipster Scooter which is loved by younger kids also.

The Zycom Cruz is a multi-award winning children's scooter. This three wheeled scooter is a fantastic combination of super stability, safety and style. Available in 8 different colour combinations, the Zycom Cruz is perfect for young children taking their first steps in the world of scootering.

Zycom also produce a range of light up scooter wheels, to add even more brightness and colour to your child's scooter. These wheels are designed to be fully compatible with the majority of the Zycom range of products.

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