Roller Derby Stingray R7 Adjustable Inline Skates - White / Lilac

Roller Derby Stingray R7 Adjustable Inline Skates - White / Lilac

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Roller Derby Stingray R7 Adjustable Inline Skates - White / Lilac

Roller Derby Stingray R7 Adjustable Inline Skates - White / Lilac

Regular price £24.95
Regular price £49.95 Sale price £24.95
(Save 50%)
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Roller Derby - Stingray

Boot Type

Hard Boot

  • Comfort Level



  • Product description

Product description

  • Reinforced Ankle Support
  • Power Straps
  • Locking Lever Buckle
  • Gold-7 Bearings
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Deluxe Comfort Liner

Looking for an adjustable beginner/intermediate in-line skate? With the Roller Derby Stingray R7 you have just that! 

The comfort foam comes with reinforced ankle support, power straps and a locking cam lever buckle, these skates offer an all-around good fit. The aluminium pro-style frame gives greater stability over plastic frames which allows for better strides. 

The wheels fitted to the Stingray R7 in-line skate from Roller Derby come in two sizes 64mm (fitted to the smaller size) and 72mm (fitted to the medium size) and come pre-fitted with Gold-7 speed-rated carbon bearings to give a smooth roll.

Wheel Size:

UK 11J - 1: 64mm

UK1 2 - 5: 72mm

Brand Roller Derby
Model series Roller Derby - Stingray
Model Name Stingray R7
Size Adjustable Adjustable
Boot Type Hard Boot
Boot Construction Hard Boot with Liner
Wheel Material Polyurethane Rubber (PU)
Bearings ABEC 7
Stopper 1 (on Back of Boot)
Chassis Aluminium Frame


What is Inline Skating?

Inline skating is a great way to get around on wheels, whether for fitness, socialising or just plain fun.ᅠInline Skates are usually used for travelling at speed on smooth ground. They are designed with 4 wheels located directly behind each other in 1 line, hence the name "inline skates". This allows for a faster, smoother ride requiring less effort.ᅠFitness/Speed Inline Skates come with larger wheels and higher quality bearings for increased speed. These are designed with the more serious skater in mind who want the very best performance out of their inline skates.

Full Inline Skates Buying Guide

How Do I Know What Inline Skate To Buy?

There are different factors to take into consideration when choosing which skate is the right one for you.

  • Money - There's little point spending more money than is necessary. However, you'll find that the quality of many skates is reflected by the price. Generally, the higher the cost, the better quality skate you are likely to get.
  • Age - If the skates are for a child it may be worth taking a look at the adjustable skates that we have to offer. Adjustable skates can allow for a few years growth which in the long run will could save you money. As a child's foot grows the skates size can be adjusted to fit.
  • Skill Level - On individual skates product pages we state what level of skater they are most suitable for. It is important to pick the skate which is at the right level for you to ride comfortably, especially if you are a beginner.
  • With or Without a Stopper/Brake - Most inline skates come with a brake at the heel. Some skates however don't and it's worth taking into consideration, especially if you are new to the sport. The brake makes slowing down and stopping easier. However without one when it comes to stopping you will need to do a T-Stop which involves dragging your back foot at a 90 degree angle to your front foot. This takes more effort and control. Repeated T-Stopping will eventually wear the wheels down on the back foot.

NOTE: A number of inline skates manufacturers provide skates with only 1 stopper on them. This is an intentional safety feature from the manufacturer to stop kids stopping incorrectly and enabling them to avoid falls.


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