Triple 8 Roller Derby Bumsaver Skate Protection Padded Shorts - Black

Triple 8 Roller Derby Bumsaver Skate Protection Padded Shorts - Black

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Triple 8 Roller Derby Bumsaver Skate Protection Padded Shorts - Black

Triple 8 Roller Derby Bumsaver Skate Protection Padded Shorts - Black

Regular price £44.95
Regular price £59.99 Sale price £44.95
(Save 25%)
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Removable padding!


Triple - Bumsavers

Rider Style


    • Product description

    Product description

    • EVA Foam Padding
    • Inside Pocket
    • Lycra Body
    • Short Leg Length

    Protect yourself from the pack. Designed with the help of derby players, the Triple 8 Roller Derby Bumsaver Shorts will help you fly around the track with confidence no matter how hard, or how often, you get sent to the floor. They're specifically designed to withstand the many bumps and bruises of derby.

    The Lycra body provides a cool and snug fit and is fitted with removable, shock-absorbing EVA foam pads, making them comfortable and easy to wash. The broad tailbone with bum padding is there to protect your most important assets, and a convenient small inside pocket is fitted for your mouthguard or anything else you need with you. 

    Sizing Guide:

    To attain the best-fitting pads, we recommend that you measure the circumference of your waist. Based on your measurements you can acquire the size that you will need:

    • Extra Small: 55.88 - 68.58cm (22 - 27")
    • Small: 66.04 - 76.2cm (26 - 30")
    • Medium: 73.66 - 83.82cm (29 - 33")
    • Large: 81.28 - 96.52cm (32 - 38")
    • Extra Large: 91.44 - 106.68cm (36 - 42")


    Brand Triple 8
    Model series Triple - Bumsavers
    Model Name Roller Derby Bumsavers
    Rider Style Derby
    Material Lycra, EVA Foam
    Size Range Extra Small - Extra Large
    Tailbone Protection Yes
    Thigh Padding Yes


    Why do I need to wear protection?

    Here at we understand just how important the use of protective gear is. We understand that the majority of young people would prefer to look cool than wear something none of their friends do. Think about this, do you ever see the top skaters/skating performers without protective gear? No you don't. At you will find a great range of skate equipment which includes those essentials such as skate pads or skating pads, knee pads, elbow pads and skate helmets.

    A recent study found thatᅠonly 7% of injured skaters had been wearing full gear, andᅠ82% of elbow injuries and 87% of wrist injuries could have been prevented by wearing the proper safety gear.

    The very young (and the not so young) take pleasure in the sport of skating because it is both fun and exciting; it is easy to learn and offers a great workout for major limbs, and other body parts.

    What protective gear do I need?

    The most important thing to consider when choosing protective gear is that it fits well, a nice fitting (not too tight and not too lose) will help you relax as you are less worried about injury. This will in turn enable you to perform at a higher level and perhaps try things you wouldn't normally within any protective gear. Why are they so important?


    • Helmets need to be worn by all skaters, at all ability levels, at all times to prevent head injuries.
    • The helmet must fit securely and be buckled or fastened.
    • Do not buy a helmet that moves on the head when the head moves.
    • The front of the helmet should come down to just a finger's width above the eyebrows.
    • Bike-style helmets, made from expanded polystyrene, offer the most protection on impact, but must be replaced after every impact.

    Knee Pads

    • All skaters, and especially beginners, should wear knee pads to prevent knee injuries and scrapes.
    • Pads need to be fastened securely around the leg.
    • Pads are usually sized small, medium and large according to body size.

    Elbow Pads

    • Elbow pads are also highly recommended for beginners as well as all aggressive skaters.
    • Elbow pads are sized small, medium and large according to body size

    Wrist and Hand Guards

    • Hand protection is recommended to be worn at all times.
    • They are sized small, medium and large according to body size.


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