Collection: Madd Gear MGP Scooters

Madd Gear Pro (MGP Scooters) are known for being the extreme sports stunt scooter brand. Madd Gear were established in Melbourne way back in 2002, having been inspired to bring Australia's outdoor culture to the masses. Now one of the biggest brands worldwide, Madd Gear Pro continue to innovate and bring high quality, affordable, age-appropriate scooters to the market. The latest VX9 Scooter range, takes their product quality and finish to the next level. 

Whether you are just starting out on one of their VX9 Pro models or shredding it at the skate park on one of their high end Pendulum, Nitro or Extreme scooters, you get a high class scooter that will make you the envy of all your friends. One of our most popular scooters is the Madd MGP Team Scooter, which with its metal core wheels give you a perfect intermediate scooter for attempting new tricks. For more information on MGP Scooters, check out our MGP Scooters Buying Guide

Developed by some of the world's top riders and manufacturer, Madd Gear Pro Scooters have created the biggest range of stunt scooters out there. At the lower end is the MGP Kick range. The MGP Kick Rascal scooter is perfect for the smaller, younger rider, built with a shorter deck and lower bars to give perfect balance and effortless control for riders aged 4 years and up. Next up is the MGP Kick Pro scooter, which has been created for young, upcoming riders aged 6 years and over. Every component of this scooter has been carefully designed and crafted to make the ride as well balanced and as smooth as possible.

The MGP Kick Extreme scooter has been redesigned for 2020, resulting in a scooter that perfectly hits the right balance between performance and durability. Aimed at riders aged 8 years and up, this scooter is ready to hit the skatepark and turn heads. Lastly there is the MGP Kick Kaos scooter, a full size scooter that has gone through nine generations of technology and been vigorously tested by the world's best riders. Madd Gear Pro have combined hand selected materials and components to create the ideal scooter for serious up and coming riders.

Most well known is the MADD MGP VX9 Team Edition Scooter, which is run by huge numbers of intermediate riders and those seriously wanting to get into the sport and take their development seriously. The Madd MFX range come an awe inspiriting 100+ colors and models. This model can be modified for future customisation as the rider chooses to upgrade, repair or improve their setup. The MGP VX9 Team Edition Scooter comes in over 13 color ways including 6 neochrome styles, this scooter is the most popular in the range by far, and the most popular stunt scooter in the sport. The VX9 Team Edition Scooters also feature a new unique "fuel" range, with truly unique metallic style finishes. 

Slightly below the team editions are the MADD MGP VX9 Pro Scooters, these are built for riders wanting a good strong and quality intermediate stunt scooter, for riders getting into the sport. It suits riders wanting to getting into the sport as well as developing riders, enabling the scooter to be upgraded as rider skills develop further.

Next on the ladder is the MGP VX9 Nitro Scooter and VX9 Pendulum Scooter, this model features some of the more advanced rider requirements including larger wheels, decks and T bars, which tends to suit street riders better. At the top end of the range is the Madd MGP VX9 Nitro, Pendulum and Extreme Scooters, these feature lighter bars, the bigger sized setup top riders want and totally unique colourways including the popular infinite and tye die effects.

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