Collection: S1 Skate Helmets, Pads & Protection

S1 Helmets were started in 2010 with the aim of creating safer Skate Helmets for the market. The founders were unhappy with the existing soft foam helmets and set about trying to create a helmet that offered the rider much more protection. After thorough testing in their lab, S1 Helmets came up with the S1 Lifer Helmet, which is constructed with foam five times stronger than that used in the previous soft foam helmets. If you want the best and safest helmet in the game, choose the S1 Lifer helmet from S1 Helmets.

S1 Helmets are hugely respected for their unique design and certified multi impact helmets. S1 have recently developed the Lifer LIT helmets in partnership with Undialed. Their range has specifically been developed for Stunt Scooter riders series out the sport and wanting a Helmet that truly lasts, with testing certifications to handle it. The S1 Scooter Lit Helmets have been made different to traditional foam made helmets, and are calculated to be 5 times more effective at protection, enabling them to be more reliable and greater quality that other helmets out. In addition to this S1 have designed their helmets to be of a lightweight construction to maximise the rider experience without a helmet getting in the way of their riding.

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