Ethic DTC Dryade 57 Aluminium ICS/IHC Stunt Scooter Bars - Black 570mm x 580mm

Ethic DTC Dryade 57 Aluminium ICS/IHC Stunt Scooter Bars - Black 570mm x 580mm

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Ethic DTC Dryade 57 Aluminium ICS/IHC Stunt Scooter Bars - Black 570mm x 580mm

Ethic DTC Dryade 57 Aluminium ICS/IHC Stunt Scooter Bars - Black 570mm x 580mm

Regular price £39.95
Regular price £59.95 Sale price £39.95
(Save 33%)
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Super Light!


Ethic - Dryade




0.74 kg

  • Bar Weight



  • Product description

Product description

  • ICS-10 Compatible
  • IHC Compatible
  • 6061 Aluminium
  • 570mm Tall
  • 580mm Wide
  • Remove Slit For SCS

The Ethic DTC Dryade Stunt Scooter Bars are some of the most popular bars on the market!

These 6061 aluminium bars are super light at only 740 grams! Light bars are highly sought after by a lot of scooter riders as it's one of the easiest ways to reduce the overall weight of the scooter to make tricks easier to learn.

Ethic are synonymous with the ICS compression system, using a starnut within the bar with a bolt through the fork to compress the headset, while it can be tricky at times its a very lightweight, solid compression system. Their very own ICS-10 is used on their complete scooters such as the Ethic Erawan scooter.

Brand Ethic
Model series Ethic - Dryade
Model Name Dryade
Material Aluminium
Bar Height (mm) 570
Bar Width (mm) 580
Outer Diameter Oversized (34.9mm)
Inner Diameter Standard (28mm)
Bar Shape Y-Bar
SCS Ready No
HIC Ready No
IHC Ready Yes
SCS Adaptor Included Yes
Main Compression ICS
Secondary Compression IHC


There are several different types of handlebars on the market. Brand names include but are not limited to Slamm, 81 Customs, Grit, French ID, Mutts, Sacrifice, JD Bug, Blazer and Madd Gear (MGP). Any scooter can customize its handlebar although its more common to do so on extreme scooters. Don't worry if your kids' scooter isn't the same brand as the accessory you wish to purchase.

Handlebars come in a wide variety of lengths and widths, as such its always worth checking handlebars will fit before purchasing them. Feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail for advice on whether the part is suitable for your scooter.

Below is an explanation of the different types of handlebars:

Standard Recreational Scooter Handlebars

Standard Recreational scooter handlebars are made up of several parts; the lower stem and upper stem. You're also require a quick release clamp to adjust the height. Benefits are that you can adjust the height and detach the handlebar grips, however the handlebars are not as strong.

One Piece T-Bar

Named after their shape, they are stronger than the recreational handlebars. They'll require a decent clamp to hold the T-Bar onto the fork. However, they can snap through heavy, extreme use. They tend to come with low-end extreme scooters.

One Piece Y-Bar

Again named after their shape, the Y-bar adds two additional bars to metal to reinforce the weakest part of the handlebars. They are very strong andᅠcome as standard with mid-range extreme scooters. They'll require a decent clamp to hold the Y-Bar onto the fork.

Once Piece BMX Style Bar

Designed with a curved centre bar to increase strength, it's slightly stronger than a Y-Bar. No scooter comes with BMX Bars as standard. They'll require a decent clamp to hold the BMX-Bar onto the fork.

One Piece Bat Wings Bar

Fitted on high end Madd Gear Pro's, these are the strongest design of bars combining the positives of both the Y-bar and BMX-Bar.

Which one is right for me?

There are several types of handlebars. If you're simply wanting a replacement handlebar, this should be a straightforward process. If you're looking for something a bit different or would like to upgrade your scooter, we'd always recommend upgrading to a 1-piece setup as these bars tend to be far stronger than 2/3-piece bars. Most handlebars will be a variation of a standard T-Bar (named after it's shape). A Y-Bar for example, is simply a T-Bar with two struts added for strength. More expensive bars will also tend to be constructed from stronger, lighter metals.

Standard or Oversized?

It's also worth mentioning that there are two widths of bars: standard and over-sized (HIC). As the majority of scooters don't have an HIC Compression kit fitted, (only ᆪ200 scooters tend to have an HIC) most scooters will need standard width bars. Most scooters come with handlebars around 21-23" long. When purchasing bars, make sure you're getting a length you'll find comfortable.

We do, however, over a bar cutting service, so you can trim your bars down to a custom size.

Make sure to check the individual product page for advice on which handlebars are suitable for your scooter, if in doubt please contact us for advice.


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