Collection: JP Scooters

JP Scooters are a very new scooter brand, having only been set up in 2019 by Japanese rider Sogo Sakakibara, aka sogggggy. JP Scooters have created a great range of scooter accessories, using their years of experience in the scooter industry.

Although Sogo Sakakibara was born in Nagoya, Japan, it wasn't until he moved to Cairns, Australia that he discovered the world of scootering and developed his love of the sport. At the age of just 13 he first stepped foot on a scooter and he hasn't looked back since. Having moved back to Japan for University, Sogo set up an online scooter store to help grow the scene in his home country. JP stands for Japan and signifies the desire to help increase the popularity of scootering in Japan. 

JP Scooters are trying to grow the sport of stunt scootering in Japan. Only a few years ago, in 2015, Sogo Sakakibara was the one and only pro scooter rider in Japan. Now there are over 30 but the numbers are still very small comparatively when you consider how popular the sport is worldwide. JP Scooters want to do everything they can to increase the popularity of the sport.

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