Collection: Orangatang Longboard Wheels and Bushings

Orangatang Longboard Wheels are some of the fastest, grippiest longboard wheels on the market. Made from high-end urethane, these wheels are built to speed and to help you stand out from the crowd.

Orangatang Wheels are a part of the Loaded brand range, and all Loaded boards feature Orangatang wheels. Orangatang has been innovative by creating a totally new type of urethane, which they have called "Peachy thane". It's a combination of their popular Happy Thane and their Euphorathane (Moronga). These new types of urethane wheel models include the Kilmers (69mm) and the Cages (73mm). The Kilmer wheels are brilliant at delivering super fast speeds and consistent slides, whilst the Cage wheels offer firm yet pliable grip and excel at high-speed slides.

Orangatang Fat Free wheels are part of the popular, original Orangatang 'freeride' wheels collection. Poured from Orangatang's Happy Thane formula, these wheels offer a smooth roll in a small size. Orangatang Fat Free wheels deliver consistent sliding time and time again and they are perfectly suited to smaller boards.

Orangatang is based in Culver City, California. They've played a significant part in the development of freeriding and sliding in longboarding. Orangatang launched the stone ground wheels such as the Stimulus and Durians. Having worked with the worlds top downhill longboarders, riders like Alex Tongue have been dominating races on the presidents and in heats wheels. Orangatang also offer bushings, the nipples.

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