Collection: Radar Skate Wheels

Radar Wheels manufacture some of the best roller skate wheels on the market. Part of the Riedell Skates portfolio, Radar Wheels are consistently rated, by skaters of all disciplines, as the best wheels available. There is a wealth of knowledge amongst the team at Radar, from the researchers and developers to the engineers and skaters, and they all play a part in creating the best skate wheels possible.

Radar Wheels are one of the sports leading performance derby wheels manufacturers. They constantly focus on redefining what the top derby skaters want from their wheels, and put forward their best finished products following years of experience, testing, research and development with the Derby players.

Industry leaders in Derby Wheels, Radar are constantly improving and redefining their wheels. Radar have spend years through R&D to improve and develop their wheels thanks for the feedback of derby players.

Radar POP wheels offer speed, grip and durability at an affordable price. These wheels are created from a new Durathane urethane formula, which is designed to give good grip and speed, and the smaller hub helps to give a controlled and smooth ride. Rader POP wheels are ideal for derby skaters looking for an extra durable, grippy wheel.

Radar Presto wheels feature the all-new Tiger two-piece Dynamic Core hub and Neothane urethane. Instead of the usual single hollow cavity, the Tiger has channels, which gives increased support to the surface of the wheel whilst still keeping it extremely light. The result is a fast, aggressive ride which helps the Presto set a new standard for performance.

Radar Bullet wheels combine two of Radar Wheels' latest technological breakthroughs - the Shark Hub and DerbyThane tyre compound. The result is a uniquely responsive, agile and ultralight 59mm Roller Derby wheel designed for aggressive, top level derby play.

Radar Halo wheels is a brand new 59mm high-end wheel designed for Roller Derby. The Halo is the culmination of nearly two years worth of research and design, to create the most advanced core on the market. The Halo features Radar's innovative H-shaped hub - oversized inner and outer edges reduce the amount of urethane on the wheel, whilst the middle of the hub has increased amounts of urethane. The end result means more grip, increased control, and faster stopping, perfect for derby skaters.

Radar design their wheels with a hub thats smaller, with a thicker layer of urethane, this results in improved wheel grip, control and ride, providing skaters the best of both worlds.

Its key for Derby skaters to have stable and durable wheels for general use, Radar wheels come into their own.

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