Collection: Riedell Roller Skates

Riedell Skates have been making skates since 1945 and are still at the forefront of the industry today. Riedell Skates were set up with one aim, to manufacture and sell the very best quality skates on the market. Riedell Skates had a desire to try and make skating available to everyone, and so set about trying to create comfortable and affordable skates that still incorporated the same quality and attention to detail that is found in every Riedell product. Riedell Skates produce a range of both ice skates and roller skates.

Riedell has been advancing skating for over 70 years. Riedell has figure skates and roller derby skates that all skaters alike will love. Founded by Red Wing in 1947, the founder, Paul Riedell, wanted to design widely available and affordable ice skates. Nowadays, his 4 grandsons manufacture the lines of figure skates, quad, derby, speed, roller, and in-line skates. Known for their class and quality of skates Riedell are the go to brand for any beginner Derby Skater, through the purchase of the R3 Derby Skate Model.

The Riedell R3 roller skate is one of the most popular roller skates on the market today and for good reason. The Riedell R3 delivers the perfect combination of comfort and performance and is an excellent starter roller derby skate. The R3 vinyl boot is built with a lot of padding to provide a comfortable fit and is designed to be good to wear straight out of the box, with virtually no break-in time required. The R3 skate features a lightweight and durable PowerDyne Thrust plate, complete with polished metal trucks for added performance. High quality Radar Cayman wheels, constructed from quality Polyurethane, come pre-fitted for maximum responsiveness when skating.

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