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Native Scooters have come out of the streets of Brisbane, Australia and they are a true rider owned and focused brand. Their parts are build with ultimate durability in mind, combined with clean and clinical design that street scooter riders love.

Originally known as Lifeboat Scooters, the brand joined focuses with street riders and rebranded in 2017 to become Native. Their most popular product is the Native Advent deck, which is a super wide and flat street deck built for strength and is ideal for core street larger sized riders. This deck has recently been redesigned and remodelled piece by piece to create the Advent V2 deck. The updated version has been made even wider than the previous model and now also includes a built-in crook groove, an adjustable breakless fender, a loc-fast axle.

Native Scooters recently released the Stem scooter, their first complete stunt scooter. The Native Stem scooter is the result of 18 months of extensive and exhaustive testing that has resulted in the most purpose-built, feature-rich beginner street scooter that the industry has ever seen. The Native Stem scooter is part of a project to develop a whole range of products aimed at younger (and mostly smaller) up and coming riders. The Native Stem deck, which features on the Stem scooter, is lightweight and features a crook grove, which gives a lock-in feeling when grinding.

Native Stem forks are built using a combination of CNC machining and forging and are made for use with SCS. They have been designed with street riding in mind and will suit younger riders hoping to become the next top level street rider. The Native Versa fork is one of the most versatile forks on the market. This fork comes with both 8mm and 12mm axles plus adaptive spacers so that it can fit either 24mm or 30mm wide wheels. CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, this fork is both light and strong.

As with any rider led brand, their parts are thoroughly tested by their team well before the products are released, and specifically by their key testing rider Reece Jones.

Native have become respected for the quality of the finish of their products, mature looks and durable build quality, in a way that other brands don't as successfully for street riders.

Other popular products in their range include the Orca SCS clamp and Flemongo Signature Forks, which is designed to be compatible with many sizes of wheels.


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Are Native scooters any good?

Native produce high quality stunt scooters with excellent durability and clean, well finished designs.

Is Native a good scooter brand?

Native are an extremely well respected scooter brand due to their product durability, build quality and clean, mature looks.

What is the best Native scooter?
Are Native scooter decks good?

The Native Advent V2 is one of the best street style scooter decks around and is full of technical details to benefit more advanced riders. logo
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