Triad Scooters - Riot Bars, Medusa Deck, Griptape

Triad Scooters have been developed in combination with Oath Scooter parts and components, bringing some of the industries latest innovation in design and quality. They've looked to develop both technically unique and visually attractive range of Scooters in a way never been done before the sports very best riders.

The Triad Scooters range serves exclusively the pro and serious level rider only - at the bottom end if the Triad Infraction Scooter, build to be further upgradable, it features a super strong deck and apex style bars. Further up if the Delinquent Scooter, which have higher quality bars and improved technical parts on the scooter. For the street riders, there's the Triad Racketeer Scooter - build witth a squared off deck, and Scooter T Bar style, it's truly build for strength and stability. Finally at the top end there's th Triad Conspiract scooter which features a number of the highest top end parts, often seen on customs only.

Triad also have a small range of aftermarket decks and bars, including their high end Diabl and Medusa Decks with really eye catching finishes, as well as their Riot Titanium Bars and Extortion Alumium Bars for lightweight parts.

Triad Scooters are build for the development of the sport, progressing the manufacturing quality and level beyond what's already out there today, having already had more than 20 years experience from the bike industry. Development of their products has been done with some of the sports biggest riders in Australia including Billy Watts and Brendon Smith. All the products have been repeatedly and rigorously tested, with many many samples, tested and discarded before the final Triad range of scooters and parts were launched.

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