Collection: Mindless Boards

Mindless Longboards and Cruiser Boards have been creating for well over a decade - using their own in house creative team to design high spec boards that look and ride great! Featuring such style decks as pintall, shortboards and cruisers. Notable models include Rogue, Marauder, Corsair, Peche, Raider, Raven and more! These decks are suitable for riders of all abilities including beginners and professional riders. Kids, teens and adults will all appreciate the cool designs that have been created for girls and boys, men and women. Purchase Mindless Longboards today at and receive next working day delivery!

Mindless Longboards aim is to product high quality, well designed longboards at a price that's affordable for skaters. Mindless test and design all their products in the UK, and have the ability to adjust the production process so all the products are produced in an ethical way in their own factory. Mindless take great pride in using some of the best board pressing techniques and constructions alongside their own unique urethane wheel formulas.

Mindless focus their production on using maple from maintainable forests, using fast growing bamboo where possible. Their talisman trucks and voodoo ranges have received market acclaim. Listening to the riders and shops, Mindless have realised a range of freestyle, dance and downhill boards to meet the needs of different riders.

Mindless have a range of Longboard Trucks that also are popular amongst riders wishing to build their own custom boards. And their products are tested for downhill riders in the UK.

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