187 Killer Pads - Killer & Slim Padsets for Wrist, Knee & Elbow

187 killer pads Skate Protection and Protective Gear have been making pads for over 10 years now. Their protection gear is designed to raise industry standards and give riders the maximum possible protection available. 187 pads are particularly popular among the Roller Derby Skating community and delivery excellent strength protection for hard falls. Their range include pads for the elbows, knees and wrists, along with replacement caps so that the protection can last longer.

187 product protection that use revolutionary systems to maximise the strength and minimise the weight to the skater. Their knee pads in particular prove to be extremely popular with Skateboarders and Derby skaters, with the bonus ability to buy recaps, meaning unlike other forms of protection that make break on impact, these can be regularly replaced again and again.

187 Killer Pads are all about truly supporting the industry, which is why on their own website they feature 15 different riders who rep their brand, including THE Tony Hawk himself. From teenagers developing their skills to the very peak of the sport, 187 really aim to let people have fun skating whilst reducing the very real risks of injury, therefore giving confidence to the skaters to develop at a faster skill level as well as try more extreme tricks.


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187 Protection Questions
Are 187 protection pads good?

187 pads offer some of the best levels of protection available. 187 is a brand trusted by pro skaters worldwide and the 187 Killer Pads set the industry standard for comfort and the highest levels of protection.

Which 187 pads should I buy?

For the best possible protection we recommend the 187 Pro pads both for elbows and knees. The Pro pads are thicker and offer greater protection than the standard or slim pad versions. A sthe name suggests, most pro's use the pro pads.

How do 187 protection pads fit?

We have a sizing guide to make sure you get the best fitting 187 protection for you. Sizings are obviously an average and verybody is different but If you are between sizes, its recommended that you size up to the larger size.

Can I trust 187 protection pads?

187 Protection pads are trusted by pro skaters all over the world and are a very well respected brand in the industry. You can trust 187 protection to give you the excellent protection and reduce the risk of injury.

Are 187 protection pads restrictive?

187 Protection pads are designed so that they are as least restrictive as possible. Pro skaters can pull of some of the craziest moves in the world whilst wearing them so they shouln't hinder you in any way. If you're worried about protection being too bulky then you should opt for the slim protection.

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