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The rise of Stunt Street Scooters over the last few years has been immense. With stunt scootering as a sport maturing riders are increasingly wanting to ride the scooters and perform street tricks in urban areas. Notably in 2019 former world champion Dante Hutchinson, switched to street riding with AO Scooters, leading to the level of street riding and tricks landed to accelerate and bring yet more attention to this stream of the sport, this included him landing a huge backflip down a 20 step stairway in the USA.

Street Scooters generally attract older riders, typically in the 16+ age range, and have a certain style to their riding. Street scooters will typically feature squared off scooter decks, with usually a large T Style Scooter Bar. Finally the scooter will usually feature either larger or/and wider wheels too, typically 110mm-125mm in diameter, with some scooters now coming out with extra width wheels for better riding grip. The result of all these technical changes in street scooters is a more stable, stronger and control focused scooter setup, for the rider that loves technical tricks, grips and riding in urban areas not originally designed for tricks. offer an extensive selection of the world’s best street scooters all on one website with fantastic technical advice from our team and website available to help you make the right choice. In addition all setups come with a free scooter bonus pack that includes: Griptape, Stickers, a Drawstring Bag and a full maintenance guide on how to get the most out of your scooter and keeping it dialled.


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