Adjustable Inline Skates and Rollerblades

Adjustable Inline Skates and Rollerblades are perfect for any parent with a growing child or kid. Typically a growing child with go up 1 shoe size each year, meaning constantly having to purchase bigger skates every year can become a costly exercise. This is why adjustable rollerblades & inline skates were created to offset this issue. The adjustable inlines are typically designed with a stretchable internal liner for foot comfort, with the outer shell of the skates made of a 2 piece boot, enabling the length of the boot to be extended or contracted at the press of a button

Typically adjustable inline skates can offer 2-3 times the value for money of a standard inline skate as it can fit for up to 3 sizes usually before a new pair needs to be purchased. Here at we'd highly recommend you consider adjustable skates if you have a growing child. However, the one drawback of adjustable skates can be the comfort at times as the skates are made to fit a range of sizes, so we recommend a good thick pair of socks when skating.


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