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Eagle Sport Scooter Wheels are some of the most iconic scooter wheels known since the beginning of the sport. Eagle have sponsored by some of the most well known riders in the industry including riders like Rory Coe. Eagle Sport helped forge scooter wheels to what manner riders now are known for today, we supply the full range of scooter wheels, and often feature unique signature wheels supported by their pro riders.

Eagle Sports have been making high performance wheels for over 20 years. Their wheels are carefully handcrafted in the Netherlands by their skilled production team, where every single wheel gets hand-poured individually. Eagle Radix wheels are super light and look set to once again change the sport forever and set the new standard in scooter wheels.  

Eagle Sports have teamed up with Addict to release a new range of OG Grips. Addict are responsible for some of the very best grips on the market and now they have joined forces with Eagle Sports to create a new range of their very popular OG Grips. When two of the biggest and best companies on the scene team up, you know the results will be epic.

Eagle in the last couple years have seen a real resurgence of popularity, particularly amongst the core riding scene, releasing a number of wider wheels suited for more stability when riding. In particular focus has been their increasingly popular radix wheels, featuring unique technical features and develops for scooter wheels.

Founded originally in 1993, Eagle Wheels was developed originally for the Rollerski's, however as soon as the freestyle scooter launched they switched their attentions. Eagle Sport aim to provide the industries best scooter wheels. Wheels that are durable, and long lasting. They're built to be lightweight by having an aluminium core, and are handmade in the factories to ensure quality standards are met.

Eagle have a high commitment to excellence in the high performance of the their wheels. In recent years they've released some of the most popular original styles, including the Hollowtech hub, and signature rider wheels. With top riders like Rory Coe amongst others representing Eagle. The brand is closely aligned with District and many of their products feature on the District complete scooters.

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Are Eagle Supply wheels good?

Eagle supply make the highest quality metal-core scooter wheels in the business, with each wheel carefully handcrafted from their base in the Netherlands...

What riders use Eagle Supply wheels?

Eagle Supply wheels have always been popular with the pros with top riders like Rory Coe and Cameron Ward using their wheels to land the craziest tricks...

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